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How to hang your WIJCK.

Hanging up or mounting your WIJCK. product can be a difficult job. In the following examples, we will show you how to hang your WIJCK.

Try before you hang!
Before you hang your prints, it's useful to get a good impression of how it will look on the wall. First, put your prints on the floor to see if the layout is all the way you want it. Once you've decided how to get the prints on the wall, it's time to mark the positions on the wall.

The best height!
If you are going to hang a print, you can hang it best at eye level. Of course, the eye level varies per person, but the average is around 1.60 meters above the floor. When hanging multiple products, you can of course play with the height and make it look great with a grid, row or other creative composition.

Which products do I use?
When hanging the prints, you can use various materials, but the most commonly used are nails or screws. Make sure that you always use plugs with a stone wall, in this way the screw stays firm in the wall and your product will not fall down.


There are several ways to hang your prints. To give you some inspiration, please go to our instagram & pinterest page.